Who is responsible for your happiness?

Who is responsible for your happiness? Your family, your spouse, your friends, your children? No, you and only you are responsible for your happiness. Of course, they also contribute the factors for your happiness, but it always depends on how happy you are.

How do you define your happiness? For many people happiness is having a good job, a firm relationship, a good bank balance, travel often to places love to see, or buying something very special for you, etc. You know these are all short-term happiness except a good job and firm relationship.

When living our lives, we have a tendency to go for more money, wealth, and power in order to protect our lifestyle. What happens is that these tendencies put us in situations where we compromise our integrity in order to get them. To get all these you spend all your days without sleeping and think about how to get all these which take you to a state of unhappiness. So never, go for more, stay with enough, which we need.

The world is full of things; all of them are not able to conquer by us. Don’t become unhappy if you can’t get what you want. Nobody has happiness every day. Sometimes it may vary. When we marry we think that we’ll be happier than we would be being single. We are carving our happiness. When we marry, we long to feel better with our partner in our life and believe that if we stay together, we can create even more happiness. We all may know that life is better, easier, and feel safe when we were with each other, except when it isn’t.

Your health is the most important component of happiness. Money is probably one of the most argued essentials for happiness. You don't have to be a billionaire to be happy, but a certain amount of money does help you to have a more positive outlook on life in general.

The right to happiness is a basic one for all human beings. You deserve to be happy simply because you are alive. The idea of what constitutes a happy life, however, differs from person to person. But the five essentials of happiness for yourself are health, money, relationships, satisfaction at work, and self-acceptance.

Nobody else can offer you a sustainable source of happiness. You have to create it yourself with your choices, your words, and your actions. Believe in yourself, the happiness is yours.


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