Difference between old and new generation

According to William Safire (was an American author, columnist, journalist, and presidential speechwriter) “Generation gap can be a frustrating lack of communication between young and old, or a useful stretch of time that separates cultures within a society, allowing them to develop their own character”.

The new generation is more independent than the old generation. They think only about them, not others, as the old generation was not like that. They sacrifice all their life for their family and they forget to live for themself. Although there have always been differences between the generations. The drastic change came out around the twentieth century. Before that, society was not like that. Children lived with their family, and have more respect for the family members than now a day.

The attitudes toward different races and groups, moral values, religious beliefs, respect for others, family life views, and working atmosphere are changed a lot in the new generation. The new generation is in a state that they are thinking that they are the supreme authority. They do not want to listen to what the parents are saying and they do not want them to interfere in their lifestyle.

Today, there are many modes of communication through a smartphone, like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp. The children and grandchildren are communicating with their parents or grandparents through this mode of communication. The old generation also forced to use this mode of communication to communicate with them. Here we are losing the family touch that we have in the past.

When we look at why these gaps exist? We often find that children and grandchildren are not communicating well, or at all, and when it comes to family members living outside of the family home, it becomes rare that these eye to eye conversations are taking place. This is making a crack in our family life and our relations. However, some of them want their parent’s attention. If the parents are working, they are struggling to get enough time to stay with their children. However, parents have to find valuable time with their children and to become their friends as much as their parents do.

To reduce the gap we can or make a bridge here are few tips.

Communicate regularly. This reduces the gap between parents and children which are very important. When we communicate regularly with our children, we are letting them know that we want to know all about them and it takes to reduce the age gap and understand things from their point of view, and we can advise them if they are going on the wrong way.

Be open mind and learn to accept. When they are saying something, which is not accepted immediately, ask them to wait for some time. Let think about it and make a decision later. We have to accept that we are lived in a different world. Our world was an ideal world with no corruption, falseness, and cheating. Now a day the world is full of corruption and bad news. Revenge is booming. Learning to keep an open mind and communicating with the young generation will bring our children together rather than keeping them apart.

The two generations have their own unique experiences and perspectives. They are certain opinions and points of view regarding various aspects of life such as marriage, career choices, and much more. Therefore, try to accept their point of view, and naturally, the gap will reduce.


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